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Styles Academy in Bellingham is a Beauty School teaching Permanent Make-up and Microblading in Bellingham, Washington. We offer a personalized training system based on 100 hours of training time conducted over a 3-month period. Only 1-2 students per course.


Simply the best education available

  • A full 100 hours of coursework with only 2 students per instructor. Before practicing on live models, we'll help students to become licensed from the state of Washington.
  • Learn the latest and most advanced techniques, including hair strokes, shading and stretching. Training for Permanent Make-up includes microblading, solid color, 2-color combination (3D), as well as correcting color and shape.
  • Pigment education, color theory, color fading, color correcting and color mixing.
  • Learn from experts in the field with over 25 years of experience.
  • There will always be one-on-one training with models.
  • Practical application on a minimum of 6 models.
    • To begin coursework, student must have Bloodborne Pathogens Certification.
    • Student will obtain Permanent Make-up license before practicing on live model.
    • Consultation and understanding of client's lifestyle.
    • Instructor supervision at all times.
    • All legal forms provided (consent, medical, release, etc.) to get started.
  • At the successful completion of your course, you will be certified by Styles Academy.
  • You will always be welcome to come back, spend a day or just a few hours to observe procedures after you're a Styles Academy graduate.
  • When you need help, call or email us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • As a Styles Academy graduate, you will always be notified of all upcoming advanced educational workshops being offered.


Did you know?

  • That there are courses being taught where the student only listens to and watches the instructor and is not allowed or given any practical experience.
  • There are still schools giving only 3-4 days of instruction.
  • That some machines in use, and still being sold, have been banned and cannot be insured.
  • 35% of the permanent make-up clients who come to Styles Salon need to correct and unfortunately mask the permanent make-up mistakes of others.


Our personal promise to each student

Each student is a unique individual with different artistic abilities, needs, goals, and ideas. Our goal is to help you every step of the way, to be the best technician that you can be. We will support you all the way!



This school is licensed under Chapter 28C.10RCW. Inquiries or complaints regarding this private vocational school may be made to the:

Workforce Board, 128 - 10th Ave. SW, Box 43105, Olympia, Washington 98504

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